Our 2016 olive harvest from June was successful and the fresh new season Delicate and Robust oils are now available.

NOLANS ROAD DELICATE is a mellow, fruity organic* extra virgin olive oil.  “Liquid gold!” is how Sydney chef Kylie Kwong described it in her book, It Tastes Better.

The fruitiness and creamy palate of Nolans Road Delicate makes it terrifically versatile, ideal for everything from dipping to baking. As Kylie Kwong demonstrates every night in her restaurant, Billy Kwong, it is as much at home with Asian flavours as it is in western cuisines.

Each growing season yields up olive oil of different flavour intensity depending on the weather and rainfall, which is why we harvest and separately press the different varieties in our grove. Once they are pressed, we leave the oils to settle naturally over the winter months. Then, together with one of Australia’s leading olive oil judges, we assess each oil which then gives us the opportunity to blend the different varieties to achieve our characteristic Delicate style.

2016 Nolans Road Delicate is a blend of  Nolans Road arbequina, koroneiki  and frantoio, together with frantoio from a certified organic grove further north on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. The result is a beautifully balanced extra virgin olive oil with soft floral notes on the nose, an upfront sweetness and a subtle pepperiness. Like all our oils, it is bottled unfiltered.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Only olive oil of the highest quality can be called “Extra Virgin”. Legally, an olive oil can only be called “Extra Virgin” if it passes strict chemical analysis tests in an industry-accredited laboratory. Our oils are assessed every season and fall well within the legal boundaries of the definition. Nolans Road Delicate 2016 Test** Results: Free Fatty Acid content: 0.22% (Maximum allowed 0.34%) Peroxide value: 11 (Maximum allowed 20).

Available in 500ml and 1.5lt  bottles.

* NASAA Certified Organic 5171

** Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute