Nolans Road Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Catering BottlesWe were very excited when we found these handsome 1.5 litre bottles for cooks who use lots of Nolans Road extra virgin olive oil. ┬áNot only are they easier to handle than tins or casks, but the bottles deliver a big plus for the environment. They are made in Adelaide, a hop, skip and a jump from our bottling plant, Diana Olives, in Willunga. The bottles contain between 20-30% recycled glass and are, of course, themselves easily recyclable. Being an inert product, glass is by far the best container for our extra virgin olive oil as it won’t taint or affect it in any way.

Just to be sure they were user friendly, we asked two chefs who use lots of our oil — Sean Moran and Kylie Kwong — what works best for them. They kindly agreed to trial the bottles in their kitchens at Sean’s Panaroma and Billy Kwong and gave them the thumbs up, so it was an easy decision to switch from the five litre tins we had used previously.

Not only is our special Big Bottle  seen in some pretty special restaurant kitchens but home cooks can now buy it in some selected retail outlets in Sydney and Melbourne.

* NASAA Certified Organic 5171P